Synthyx Arts

asexual | non-binary demigirl | Leo | any pronouns


Welcome to my Carrd! Here you will find information about my commissions, TOS, as well as where you can find me!

Terms of Service

If you are interested in commissioning me, please read my Terms of Service first!

Commissions (closed)

I offer commissions for fantasy and living machine art, both which are priced differently. Be sure to check out the prices before commissioning me!

About Me

I'm Synthia, I'm a self-taught hobbyist digital artist who enjoys drawing dragons, animals, fantasy, and living machines. I use Clip Studio Paint and Medibang to make my artwork.

I am also autistic which means that sometimes I have trouble understanding some things or I may interpret context differently. I may also say things that I don't realize might come off the wrong way, but I do try my best to communicate with people. Feel free to correct me if I say something wrong!

I am majoring in biology with a minor in psychology. I'm a huge fan of electronic dance music, especially melodic dubstep and hardstyle. I'm not much of a gamer but my go-to games include Minecraft, Pokemon, and

Terms of Service

~ I take payments in the form PayPal invoices only.

~ Payment is in USD only.

~ As an artist, I am always experimenting and trying different techniques, so the finished artwork may look slightly different from the examples I offer. By commissioning me, you agree that I will have artistic liberties with my art process.

~ Payment first! Once you have given me the details on your commission I will send an invoice to your given email. Once I have received the money I will begin your commission.

~ Currently I do not do payment plans.

~ You are allowed to ask me updates on your commission.

~ I try to finish your commission as soon as possible. The time it takes me to finish depends on how busy I am (please note I'm a full-time student and have a part-time job) and art motivation since these factors affect the speed of my art.

~ If for whatever reason I am unable to finish your commission, you will receive a full refund.

~ If you cancel your commission, partial refund will be given depending on how far I am in the art stage.

~ For unfinished commissions, I reserve the right to reuse it for other reasons such as personal art.

~ I have the right to decline a commission for any reason including...
> being rude to me
>constantly pestering/asking updates about it
>lack of or poor communication

~ Once the commission is finished, you will be able to make a maximum of two small edits for free.

~ After those two edits are used up, I will not accept any more minor edits.

~ Once I finish your commission, I will upload it on my social media where I share my art.

~ The commission is yours to keep. Please be sure to save it somewhere in the case the file gets deleted for whatever reason.

~ Sometimes I make some changes to the commission myself that are small (usually for small mistakes I noticed on my end), but in that case I will tell you and give you an updated version for free.

reupload to other sites WITH CREDIT AND PERMISSIONposting without my permission
reupload to TH by tagging my TH usernameclaim you drew it
print it for personal useuse it for commercial purposes (redistributing as merch, etc)
use it as a profile picturesell it
resize itcrop/edit out my watermark

-fantasy species
-original species
-natural scenery
-fictional car models (as long as a suitable ref is given)

MAYBE (not that skilled at but will be willing to try)
-hoofed animals
-other animal species
-man made scenery

-certain fandoms (ask)
-overly complex scenery such as buildings
-any kind of fetish material
-religious topics
-hate art
-anything else that might be considered inappropriate

Commission Prices

Icon: An icon of your character!
Flat Color: Flat colored drawing of your character featuring clean lineart and a simple/abstract background.
Halfbody- 15USDFullbody- 24USDComplex Design +5USDExtra Character +12USDCel Shaded +5USD for Halfbody, +7USD for Fullbody
Full Render: A semi-realistic shaded piece with details on scales/fur of your character with a simple/abstract background (fullbody only)
Fullbody- 40USDComplex Design +10USDExtra Character +20USD
Cel Shaded Scene: A cel shaded piece with your character featuring a background.
Halfbody- 35USDFullbody- 40USDComplex Design +7USDExtra Characters +15USDComplex Background +12USD
Full Detail: A semi-realistic shaded piece with details on scales/fur your character featuring a background.
Halfbody- 55USDFullbody- 70USDComplex Design +15USDExtra Characters +30USDComplex Background +20USD

LM Commission Prices

Chibi: A chibi-fied version of your OC. Complex designs will be simplified.
Chibi- 6USD
Sketch: Sketchy lineart with not as much detail.
Colored Sketch- 12USDComplex design +5USD
Colored: Clean lineart featuring a simple background at no extra cost. "Sticker style" and transparent backgrounds are also an option.
Flat Color- 24USDCel Shading- 28USDSmooth Shading- 32USDComplex design +7USD
Full Scene: Choose from Type A (cel shaded) or Type B
Type A- 45USDType B- 55USDComplex Background +15USD

Commission Form

To fill out a commission, please use this form.

Name: (your name, can be your username)

Socials: List any social medias you are on as well as your usernames.

PayPal Email: (so I can send an invoice)

Type of Commission: cel shaded, full scene, etc.

Character: (the character you want me to draw)

References: Send me references of the character you want me to draw. If you are buying an LM commission, please list the car make and model you want me to draw. TH profiles are also fine! I will NOT go off of written descriptions, it needs to be visual!

Others: (anything else about the character I should know)

Commission: Tell me what you would like, (pose, background if applicable, expression, etc). For backgrounds, try to give me specifics of what you would like (reference images are ok too) otherwise I will use artistic freedom on the commission.